A Recipe for Success: Boomers+Millennial Collaboration

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For some of us in the Boomer generation, understanding the benefits of social media and digital marketing can be nebulous. Experts say you either get it or you don’t, and without a lot of analytic insight the ROI is unclear at times. The Boomer Investor needs to know how much time and resources are required to bridge the gap between how we are accustomed to building business versus the way businesses are trending now: Social Content Marketing and Online Influencers. 

The Boomer Generation is known for their hard work. “First to work and last to leave” meant a significant amount of person to person relationship building. Baby Boomers are increasing their usage of social media. Along with the waves of Baby Boomers comes the Boomer Investor.  As a generation the Baby Boomers have a surplus of disposable income, and the Boomer Investor is a shrewd business person. The Boomer Investor knows face to face business transactions. We have weathered the lean times and socked away enough to make sure we can invest in ways that are meaningful. So when a Millennial approaches us about social media and asks us to invest… it can be a hard sell.

 Don’t Over Complicate It. It really IS about building relationships, just not face-to-face

 Stripped down, social media is all about relationship building. Beyond all the HTML there are people with needs and ideas. Gary Vaynerchuk puts it this way: “Social media’s arrival was simply a catalyst for a revolution that was alreadybrewing in the minds of consumers sick to death of feeling isolated, unappreciated, and ignored.”

 The Millennial Generation are broadcasters. They feel a certain empowerment to curate their worlds. Young people are social media savvy. Online networking is the language of the Millennial Generation: To Speak. Connect. Create. Grow.

 So how does the Boomer Generation harness the power of Millennial Energy?

Again, Gary Vaynerchuk makes it plain for us:

“At its core, social media requires that business leaders start thinking like small town shop owners.”

Do not over complicate it. Your businesses online reputation is, in essence, the same as what good ole word-of-mouth used to be. It is the impetus to staying relevant, authentic, and keeping pace with the needs of your consumers.  If you aren’t engaging your audience online and curating your story you are not on the track to succeed. At Moxy Ox we are bridging the gap for Baby Boomer Investors, Businesses, and Consumers. The language our multi-generational team speaks is COLLABORATION. We have Baby Boomers, Millennials, and the generations in between creating synergy to move us forward.

I am ready to sit down with my fellow Boomer Investors and talk about how we can start trusting the value of social media and harnessing the power of the generations below ours to build successful businesses.  Let’s Chat!

-Randy Hurban, Chief Executive Officer & Owner

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