Building Brand Loyalty with Millennials

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Brand Loyalty is that magical stuff that makes a consumer choose your brand. Brand loyalty is the faithfulness a consumer expresses from path to purchase. If you work for a brand, your marketing team probably uses this buzz word a lot. Brand loyalty is your brand’s equity: the value that carries the life of the brand.

Older generations have strong ties to brand loyalty.  The advent of the world wide web and social media platforms  brand and consumer interface has transformed. Younger generations are less likely to be loyal to a single brand and when they are loyal, it takes a tremendous amount of effort for the brand to achieve.

Millennials are “free agents” who can be very fickle.

So what is the psychology behind developing brand loyalty? Independent researchers Michael Syrett and Jean Lammiman outlined the Millennial Generation’s behavior toward brands. Because Generation Y, or Millennials, have such rapid access to information they are a inoculated against most advertising. So brands must step up to the challenge to change the way they reach this segment of the population. Syrett and Lammiman outline primary identifiers of the Millennial Consumer:

The first step to building Millennial Generation consumers who are brand loyal is to understand how they prefer being advertised to. We want access their attention with mass mailers anymore. If we want to amplify our brand messages, we must consider our audience. Millennial consumers have unique needs, and deserve unique advertising.



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