The Moxy Ox Next Chapter: David Baker Moves On to Other Adventures

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[one_third]David Baker[/one_third][two_thirds_last]When Joe Payne dreamed up Moxy Ox, he knew he needed a partner. Joe knew he needed a friend who understood where his vision was headed and loved building new brands. David Baker was just such a friend and partner.

Together Joe and David founded Moxy Ox.

Three years of conceptualization, acumen, and hard work later Moxy Ox is a thriving company – ready to move into the next chapter.

David Baker is a starter.

David helped launch Moxy Ox and excelled at building a new company. Now that Moxy Ox has matured, David is ready to transition to the next new project where he can, again, work with new brands that need his expert brand building experience in order to thrive and grow in the same way Moxy Ox has.

Moxy Ox moves forward without David, but in deep gratitude, and we are thankful for our partnership with him. The separation is amicable and we look forward in supporting David in all his new adventures.[/two_thirds_last]

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