Top 5 Worst Things Brands Do on Social Media

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No one wants a reward for being THE WORST, right? But some brands can’t help but earn that accolade . While some of these behaviors seem like a no brainer: Hello Pace Picante.  Sometimes bad online behaviors are more covert. A brand could have the most amazing service or product, but we’d never know… because we can’t get passed all those awful online behaviors.

We believe that the only way to improve is to know what behaviors don’t work. Evaluating the things we do that don’t work isn’t a comfortable exercise. Partnering with a great branding agency is important and (we think) is the best investment brands can make. Here is a list for those brands who are managing their online brand image alone.

#5  No Strategy

How will you get to where you need to go if you don’t have a road map? Unless you just know where you are going… or maybe… see, this analogy just fell apart. It is imperative for brands to understand  the why and how of what they are doing online. At Moxy Ox we call this intentional relationship building. We know the why and how and we understand that, for our clients, the relational aspect of online networking needs to have a road map. We ask our clients: What is your message, why do you value the message, and how are we going to translate those values to your audience.

#4  Posting TOO much content for people to actually engage

It is hard to drink from a fire hydrant. We all know these brands. “ALL the content. ALL the time” is their motto. Online users are turned off by too much and too little. Brands have to strike a balance that resonates with their consumers/clients. By knowing your brand analytics you are able to determine when is the best time to post content, who you should target, and what content your users are actually engaging.

#3 ONLY talk about themselves

The unfortunate thing is that these brands have yet to realize that online networking and social media is very much like IRL (in real life) relationships.  We are all about being your own biggest fan, but this has to be done in the context of a quality relationship. In real life, those of us who visit a friend’s house and spend all of our time talking about ourselves are sure to whittle away at the nerves of others. Consumers know what social media is for. They become natural advocates and fans of brands that are doing things worth talking about.  IF you are doing something worth sharing, you won’t have to force people to talk. If you are your only advocate in the social media space, it might be time to do some revamping of your strategy. Don’t have a strategy? Refer to #5

#2 ONLY engage compliments and ignore or delete critiques

So much of what we are doing online is about building authentic relationships. Conflict and discomfort are a natural part of interacting with others, both professionally and personally. What matters most is  not that a brand receives a critique, but how they approach the critique or criticism. Deleting a comment shows an audience that you are unwilling to engage anything but “positive” reviews and that you are unable to control your message through dialogue. Ignoring an online critique shows that you don’t care. Both behaviors are unacceptable when a brand’s focus is to build a relationship with a consumer/client.

#1  Auto-response, lack engagement, or aren’t on social media AT ALL

It should be no surprise that auto-response is a bad move. People, after all, typically engage on social media because they, well, WANT TO ENGAGE. Auto- response is not real engagement. It is a lazy way to manage your social media relationships. As a brand recently showed us, it can also create laziness to the point that it becomes negligence when your brand comes under fire. The number one worst thing you could do on social media is to not have your brand represented online. This means other people are curating your brand’s voice and image without your input.



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