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Tontitown, Arkansas (August 16, 2022) – Celebration is due, it is the 10th anniversary of moxy ox under new ownership. At the time it changed hands, moxy ox was a year-old creative agency that did a little print on the side. Under the new ownership, there was a shift in direction. Matt Huber came on board with a deeper knowledge of print, and moxy ox became a more print-focused business. Streamlining the focus of the company has proven to be a tremendous move in the right direction as moxy ox has grown to be a leader in the print industry of Northwest Arkansas over the last ten years.

Over time, one of the most significant changes has been the people behind the print. The team at moxy ox is made up of individuals who truly love print and what it can do for the customer. A printed piece can amplify and tell a message for a business or an individual. In addition to amplifying the message, print allows for a tactile and visual piece that helps to enhance the mental stickiness of the message or brand that is being portrayed. Because of the moxy ox team’s love of print, there is an increased interaction between the business and the customer which has led to moxy ox products being higher quality, using improved processes, and an altogether pleasant experience for the customer.

Owner and CEO, Randy Hurban, says, “Customers are always talking about our communication with them. They are able to email, call, chat, or place orders themselves which allows them the choice of what communication is the best method for them. Then we are able to close the loop and respond very quickly. Many businesses (not just print) forget about the importance of communication which enables us to be truly different.”

During the pandemic, less person-to-person interaction meant more of a reliance on printed items. moxy ox has continued post-Covid stronger than ever. It is rare that they will tell a customer they cannot help with a printed product – they will work to find a way to bring the customer’s vision to life in some capacity. Because of the continued growth and the direction moxy ox is going, they are investing back into the business. This fall they will be installing a new digital press that will increase the capabilities they are able to print in-house. As the clientele is growing expansively, moxy ox is also expanding by keeping up with the latest technology and the newest equipment to help meet clients needs.

This local print shop works with many NWA businesses and artists, but does not limit themselves to the area. They have printed and shipped as far away as all 50 states and have an expansive range of products and ideas that they have brought to life for their customers.

“Over the last ten years it has been so rewarding to see the number of highly regarded companies throughout the Northwest Arkansas area who are customers of ours,” says Hurban. “It is a very large percentage of our clientele which reinforces the trust and confidence that our customers have in our business.”

Matt Huber, President

Northwest Arkansas Business Journal

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