our team

elizabeth morris

prepress technician

“I couldn’t have asked for a better workplace to start my career!”

Elizabeth started working for moxy ox shortly after graduating from the University of Arkansas in 2018 as a prepress technician.

With a Bachelor’s degree focusing in graphic design, she was persistent to find a job that allowed her to gain experience in the design field, specifically within print. As a prepress technician, she is exposed to a variety of designs and creativity that come through moxy ox’s doors while carefully preparing the files for print production.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to work with print design. The satisfaction that comes with it is very rewarding after seeing the product produced on our high-quality paper.”

She is often challenged with opportunities to create her own designs for clients and is excited about her future opportunities within moxy ox.

missy hurban

office manager

“My favorite thing about working at moxy ox is greeting and talking with customers.”

As the Receptionist and Administrative Assistant at moxy ox, Missy handles Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, and also helps in Production. Missy says she loves engaging with our amazing clientele and is willing to lend a hand where she can. She has recently taken on being our official name tag maker and is loving it.

Missy Grew up in Fort Smith, AR. Before joining moxy ox, she was taking a well-deserved sabbatical from the workforce after owning and operating a 96 children preschool for 5+ years. Prior to her professional career, she was the CEO of the Hurban household which she says was the toughest job of all and taught her everything she needed to know to help at moxy ox.

When Missy isn’t working she loves spending her time with her family and grandchildren.

brittany long

motogo™ specialist

“I like that moxy ox carries such a high standard for their products but maintain the small business persona by being able to greet, recognize and build relationships with customers and their employees.”

Brittany is the motogo™ Specialist who works behind the scenes to ensure that customer motogo™ catalogs and products are up-to-date, loaded and running correctly. She also helps out with Prepress when the workload gets heavy.

She has worked for moxy ox for four years, starting as an intern while in college for graphic design and returning after graduating from Pitt State University.

Brittany grew up in Springdale, Arkansas and is currently living in Kansas City, Missouri. In her free time she loves yoga, exploring the city, drawing and designing, and enjoying some quality Netflix shows.

james chapracki

production manager

“My dad has worked in the industry his whole life so I grew up with printing. I’ve worked in small printing shops and at larger daily newspaper printers.”

As production manager, James is responsible for everything from production to packaging, shipping, machine maintenance, quality control, and inventory.

James grew up in print shops. His dad worked in the industry his whole life so James quickly became familiar with the printing industry. In his career, James has worked for several small shops and larger daily newspaper printers.

His favorite thing about working at moxy ox is the people he gets to work with. In his downtime, James enjoys carpentry, art, and spending time with his family.

david millerd

customer experience director

“What I love most about working with the team at moxy ox is how we all get along so well with each other and the laughter that carries us through each day.”

As the Director of Customer Experience, David wears many hats. He is the go-to person for quotes/orders and focuses on keeping current customers happy. David also handles some of the Marketing at moxy ox by posting on social media and sharing examples of customer prints.

David graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management.

David met his wife Tracey when they were in the Razorback Marching Band together in college. They have a one-year-old daughter and two dogs. They love going to the Bentonville Farmers Market on Saturday mornings and traveling any chance they can get.

rachel ross

senior designer

“I love moxy ox. Not only is it a friendly workplace, but the valuable work experience in my role as senior designer has allowed me to apply and strengthen my skills to a wide range of interesting projects.”

As the Senior Designer at moxy ox, Rachel oversees all the design and artwork submitted by businesses before it goes to production. When a customer needs custom artwork, Rachel creates the designs that suit their printing needs.

Rachel graduated from the University of Arkansas with a B.A. in Graphic Design.

When she’s not working Rachel enjoys hanging out with friends and going home to visit family in Conway, Arkansas.

brooke lemoine

business development director

“It is a great place to work at moxyox everyday. I can bring my dogs in and the people feel like family.”

Brooke is the Business Development Director for moxy ox and has been working there since she graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Management.

Her role involves relationship management with current clients, meeting with new leads from large organizations, and promoting motogo™, moxy ox’s online ordering system, which makes printing easier for larger businesses.

Brooke loves being out on the lake in the summer, working out, and spending time with her husband, family and two dogs, Scotch and Harper.

larry netherton

plant manager

“My favorite thing about moxy ox is being able to work with a great group of people. Everyone knows their job really well, I’m especially grateful for our talented second shift manager who takes on the printing responsibilities after hours.”

Larry has been working in the printing industry for 33 years. As the Plant Manager at moxy ox, he leads production and is responsible for scheduling printing jobs, ordering ink, paper, and other supplies, along with printing, cutting, finishing, shipping and receiving.

When he’s not at work, Larry enjoys going for long walks and spending time with his wife, children, and grandchild. In the summer they love having friends and family over on the weekend to swim in their pool.

steve mcbee


“The team at moxy ox is over the top freaking cool. Their dedication to helping solve creative problems is just one of the things that thrills me to see.”

Steve is an experienced entrepreneur with a background in marketing and sales. He co-owns moxy ox with Randy Hurban and is proud of the great culture and people they have at their company.

He grew up in Northwest Arkansas and enjoys traveling, cycling, trail running, kayaking, and paragliding.

matt huber

co-owner/chief operating oxifer

“Printing is more of a partnership than a business transaction. We see moxy ox play an important part in making our customer’s purpose become a reality, and it is exciting to see the stories they get to tell through print.”

Matt has been working in the printing industry for 23 years. He started by sweeping floors in a little print shop in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and gained valuable experience in print production and customer experience roles.

When Matt started working at moxy ox as an operations manager, he was quickly promoted to COO after shifting the company’s focus to high-quality print and modernizing their process with an online ordering system.

“I’m really proud of the team we have built at moxy ox and I believe the quality of their work shows in the excited faces of customers when they pick up their printing orders.”

When he’s not hard at work, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and best friend Aimee as well as his kids, running, going to concerts, and volunteering at children’s church ministry on Wednesday evenings. He also volunteers on Prairie Grove Library board and sings at Prairie Grove Christian Church.

randy hurban


“My favorite thing about moxy ox is the team of hardworking and passionate people who truly want to make an impact on our customer’s business. Their determination to deliver something spectacular is what has driven our success.”

Randy Hurban, CEO and Co-Owner of moxy ox has worked towards building a brand that is recognized for its high-quality print and extraordinary customer service since acquiring the company in 2012.

“I’m always excited to see customer’s reactions when they see their orders. I believe the referrals we’ve received have helped establish moxy ox’s reputation for beautiful print.”

Randy regularly connects with people in Northwest Arkansas community and enjoys sharing his business experience and insights with millennials.

When he’s not busy working, Randy enjoys spending time with his family and being involved in the community. He loves visiting different vineyards and discovering the stories behind their wines.